The Elite Academy – Southall FC, in conjunction with its partners is making a proactive ground breaking contribution to encourage Asian people to participate in football. The project operates across the country and is to assist Asian people to gain access to football and benefit from specific levels of participation as outlined below. At grass roots level a structured programme of coaching is provided with is consistent with national curriculum key stage 2/3 requirements within existing physical education lessons. The sessions are constructed in such a way that beginners can learn football skills and techniques in a supportive environment.

The Football Association Teaching Certificate courses are provided for local teachers. The course are designed and delivered to increase technical awareness and to generate confidence and enthusiasm to promote football within local schools. By gaining the Football Association qualification it actively encourages teachers to be involved in the overall process of progressing young Asian players. The coaching development scheme enables Asian players to learn the appropriate skills to progress and attend the football association coaching certificate courses. The focus of the scheme would be on developing the skills and confidence as trainee coaches but it is envisaged that the young people being coached would also benefit from well organised and structured coaching. As and when the trainees successfully complete the course and achieve the status of qualified coach, they could take on the responsibility to provide sessions and function independently.