Youth Football Project

Our after school club coaching sessions for both primary and secondary school students, have been set up to combat the trend in juvenile crime immediately after the end of the school day. Children are currently benefiting from the programme from many schools in the country.

The coach education programme provides young people aged seventeen to nineteen years with the opportunity to attain Football Association coaching qualification and NVQs such as the Football Association Junior Team Managers and Football Association coaching certificate courses.

The Elite Academy – Southall FC, in conjuction with truancy programme is aimed at young people who are absent from main stream school. The programme has two parts one being academic and the other being sporting. The aim is to enhance the young people’s confidence and self -esteem and to help them to understand the need to play by the rule, both in sporting and society. The academic strand is undertaken at The Elite Academy – Southall FC’s support centre and introduces numeracy, literacy and computer skills within a football context. Our full time coaching professionals undertake the football package.

A probation programme allows us to work with the social and education services, the criminal justice system and the local authorities. The Elite Academy – Southall FC provide football coaching and social education to young people aged fifteen to nineteen who are involved with the criminal justice system. The programme enables the young people to make constructive choices about the direction of their lives.